Fomer DWS Consultants

Marcelo photo

Marcelo Alejandro Rodriguez
Summer 2019

Hello, everyone! I am a transfer student from Miami-Dade College and currently working towards a Bachelors in History with a Social Studies Education track as a Junior in FIU. I have used many digital programs and tools in my past years of education in order to excel in my classes as well as benefit the areas I work for, such as the FIU History Department. I have experience in using Microsoft Office, Wix, Canva, Omeka, and Prezi for interdisciplinary scholarly digital writing. I look forward to engaging the learning of students with the skills I have acquired and will further improve as both an intern for FIU’s Digital Writing Studio and a History Writing Tutor for the FIU History Department.

Josie photo

Josie Campos
Spring-Summer 2019

I am a Senior at FIU pursuing a Bachelors in English with a concentration in Literature. I have a colorful background in online editing and writing from previous print, digital, and social media internships where I honed my skills using tools like Squarespace, WordPress, and Prezi. As an intern for FIU’s Digital Writing Studio, I will gladly utilize my work and collegiate experience to help students produce their best work possible.

Evan photo

Evan Balikos 
Spring 2019

I am currently a Senior here at FIU, pursuing a B.A. in English. I am a practicing poet and journalist, and because of this, I am especially interested in creative non-fiction. I am obsessed with writing about music and other types of media that challenges audiences to think universally about culture and philosophy. I maintain my own blog where I post primarily music reviews, but I am looking to expand it to other genres like film and television in the future. I have worked as a contributor to PantherNOW at FIU and am currently contributing to a small indie magazine called Honey Punch. I have grown increasingly proficient in applications like Wix, Microsoft Office, Prezi, and Powerpoint. As an intern here at FIU’s Digital Writing Studio, I aspire to contribute my skills to an ongoing learning experience that educates and empowers young writers who want to publish strong and persuasive pieces of writing through a multitude of digital media outlets.

Oscar photo

Oscar Barbosa
Fall 2018

I’m currently a Junior pursuing a B.S. Degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Professional and Public writing at FIU. Since I started my studies here, my aim has been to combine my computing and writing skills to start exploring and discovering new ways of infusing writing with technology. I have cultivated a solid understanding and knowledge about the use of numerous digital technologies in school projects, such as Adobe CC and Vegas Pro. As an intern at FIU’s Digital Writing Studio, I ultimately hope to implement best practices to enhance student’s use of technology in school projects.

Nicole photo

Nicole Castillo
Fall 2018

I am currently a Senior at FIU, pursuing a Bachelor in English and a minor in Education.  Throughout my years here I have developed and mastered an understanding of the many digital media outlets for special assignments.  Prezi, Wix, and WordPress are some of the tools that I have learned and utilized countless times throughout many of my classes.  As an intern here at FIU’s Digital Writing Studio, I hope to use these skills to help students and faculty broaden their multimedia writing strategies in future projects or writing assignments.