Welcome to FIU’s Digital Writing Studio!

At the DWS, we support student writers and faculty for digital writing projects. Digital writing is an important skill that requires hands-on work and careful planning, and at the DWS, we can provide a combination of technical and rhetorical support to help with multimedia projects.

Our consultants can offer design guidance for the creation of multimedia texts like websites, ePortfolios, presentations, blogs, wikis, posters, photo essays, and more. We guide students to work with technology, not simply to understand the software but to use digital tools to meet their goals as writers and designers. 

We also work with Writing Program faculty to more effectively teach writing with technology.

Below, you can find more information about visiting the DWS, as well as resources for students and faculty to help you in your digital writing.

Visiting the DWS

The Digital Writing Studio is located in GL475A on MMC Campus. We hold regular walk-in hours for students and faculty who want to work with us. We can also schedule appointments for consultations, collaborative work, workshops, and class visits.

Consultations are available both in person and online through Zoom.

DWS Staff photo

Resources for Students

On our site you can find quick-start guides to composing various genres, a collection of tutorials for digital composing software and platforms, and a collection of model student writing.

Resources for Instructors

We also support Writing Program faculty to more effectively teach writing with technology. We work with instructors on effective assignment design, scaffolding, and assessment of digital writing. We also hold regular faculty professional development workshops and provide online resources for a variety of digital assignments common in Writing and Rhetoric courses.