About Us

Mission Statement

The Digital Writing Studio is committed to helping instructors adopt digital pedagogies and methodologies in their teaching. One of the most significant challenges for educators in the contemporary moment is sorting through the often dizzying array of available technologies in order to determine what students need to know about technology and composing. We assist in this vital task through a variety of services and outreach designed to assist faculty at any level in their mission as educators.


We provide one on one faculty and student consultations by appointment. Other services include: assignment design, assessment design, tutorials for classroom use, production of professional development materials.


We adopt a similar framework as many writing centers do- we want to make better composers. This involves work aimed at high-level rhetorical concerns like media choice, genre, remediation of multiple media forms, and considerations of effective persuasion. This also means that we prefer to leave “how to” concerns to Google and Youtube. Rather than offering step by step help in the creation of a website, for example, we would much rather discuss design principles and materials for conclusion.


We are now located in GL 475A!