About Us

Mission Statement

The Digital Writing Studio is a media lab meant to support digital writing projects. Our consultants can  offer design guidance for the creation of multimedia texts like websites, ePortfolios, presentations, blogs, wikis, posters, photo essays, smartphone apps, and more. Both students and faculty in the English Department can use the Digital Writing Studio to support their multimedia work. One-on-one or small group tutoring appointments are also available.

Our Staff

Christine Gregory
Senior Instructor/DWS Director

As the Director of the Digital Writing Studio, I am here to help support faculty in planning and designing digital writing assignments. I have been teaching in FIU’s Writing Program since I was a graduate Linguistics student in 2009, and I have been a full time instructor since 2011. I teach various digital projects in my Writing/Rhetoric and Linguistics courses — e-portfolios, video interviews, blogs – where I emphasize rhetorically-minded design that allows students to critically examine the genre, media, and audience for their projects.

Marcelo Alejandro Rodriguez

Hello, everyone! I am a transfer student from Miami-Dade College and currently working towards a Bachelors in History with a Social Studies Education track as a Junior in FIU. I have used many digital programs and tools in my past years of education in order to excel in my classes as well as benefit the areas I work for, such as the FIU History Department. I have experience in using Microsoft Office, Wix, Canva, Omeka, and Prezi for interdisciplinary scholarly digital writing. I look forward to engaging the learning of students with the skills I have acquired and will further improve as both an intern for FIU’s Digital Writing Studio and a History Writing Tutor for the FIU History Department.

Josie Campos

I am a Senior at FIU pursing a Bachelors In English with a concentration in Literature. I have a colorful background in online editing and writing from previous print, digital, and social media internships where I honed my skills using tools like Squarespace, WordPress, and Prezi. As an intern for FIU’s Digital Writing Studio, I will gladly utilize my work and collegiate experience to help students produce their best work possible.

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