Need help completing your digital writing assignment?  No worries!  Listed below are some tutorials that might help during the process.  

Online Video Tutorials


Video Editing

Program NameDescriptionTutorial Link
iMovieA video editing software exclusive for Mac and iOS devices.Click Here
(Simple tutorial)
Click Here
(Detailed tutorial)
Windows Movie Maker

A video editing software for Windows computers.Click Here

A simple video editing software that allows video sharing.Click Here
Adobe Premiere Pro

A timeline-based video editing software for professional production.Click Here
Davinci Resolve

A professional video editing software that allows online and offline editing.Click Here
Sony Vegas Pro 15

A non-linear video editing software.Click Here
Final Cut Pro

A non-linear video editing software exclusive for Mac OS.Click Here
YouTube StudioYouTube's Creator Academy includes many short courses and tutorials for creating and editing contentClick Here

Presentations & Websites  

Website/SoftwareDescriptionTutorial Link

An online presentation software that provides professional and aesthetic designs.

Click Here
Wix A cloud-based web development platform that allows for professional and aesthetic website design.Click Here
(Website Tutorial)
Click Here
(Eportfolio Tutorial)

A website that provides free domain hosting services for websites.

Click Here
Google Sites

Simple and basic website creation

Click Here

Audio Editing

Software/MediumDescriptionTutorial Link
PodcastsA video tutorial on how to get started with Podcasts.

Click Here
AudacityA digital audio editing and recording software.Click Here
(Beginner Tutorial)
Click Here
(Advanced Tutorial)
Anchor.fmAn easy podcast creation website and software that can even be used on mobile devices.Click Here

Picture Editing

SoftwareDescriptionTutorial Link
Adobe Photoshop

A raster graphics editing software.Click Here
Adobe After Effects

A digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing software.Click Here
Adobe Lightroom

An image editing, organization, and manipulation software.Click Here

Additional Video Tutorials

TaskDescriptionTutorial Link
Creating an ePortfolio

Video tutorial on how to get started on an ePortfolio through Google Sites.Click Here
Zipping a FileVideo tutorial on how to create zip format files.Click Here (Windows)
Click Here
Uploading a VideoVideo tutorial on how to upload a YouTube video using an FIU email.Click Here

PDF Guides